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Free froXnormal for Maya 0.7.1 (maya script)

xNormal exporter/batcher from Maya

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Last Modified:09/09/2013
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xNormal offer the possibility to batch via an xml file some settings. This is where my script comes : directly from Maya you can export and bake your meshes without dealing with the xNormal UI. It’s faster and easier to use. You have access to most of the maps that xNormal allow to bake and you can save the UI settings and share it easily.

(xNormal is a fast and easy tool to bake you high-poly meshes to your low-poly meshes with a lot of configurations.
You can download xNormal here : )

Install :
Put the content of the folder “frox-0-x” inside your maya folder.
Ex : “My Documents\maya\2011-x64\”

How to launch ?
Call the command “source froXno.mel; froXno();” in the mel command line for the first time.
You can use the “Add to Shelf” button to make a shelf button in your current shelf.

Full manual :

Changelog :

//version 0.7.1
-updated the Cage slider : now a field with a +/- buttons (more precise and scalable)
-updated the SBM export, now totally silent (without the OK dialog after the export)
-fixed the export of the cage when using the SBM format

//version 0.7
-added a button to open the export folder
-added possibility to bake non-square textures.
-added "check nGons" button to check manually n-gons on a selected mesh.
-added a check before calling xNormal to see if LP/HP mesh have been exported
-updated the export path button, removed a conflic with the "froTools" script.
-updated the checkbox "Convert HP smth" to be false by default
-fixed an error about the WindowPref command when you load the script
-fixed the missing settings for the Curvature map (UI, preset and xNormal xml)
-fixed an error with the export path of the low poly mesh in the SBM format.
-fixed the crash when setting the xNormal path.

//version 0.6.1
-added Smoothing group and Tangent/Binormals options for the FBX export.
-fixed FBX Triangulate problem when using an older plugin verison (FBX 2011 and before)

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Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
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