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tweenMachine for Maya 2.1.2 (maya script)

Creates breakdown poses based on surrounding poses

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Last Modified:04/21/2017
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Beta version of Python update (v3.0.0) now available on my web site:

Some time ago, my friend Doron Meir told me about a MAXScript someone had written for him that allowed him to easily add "in-between" poses somewhat similar to the way he was used to doing in 2D animation. The tool allowed him to add a new pose between two existing poses, and automatically bias the new pose toward its neighbors by a user-selectable amount. I'd been thinking of trying my hand at MEL scripting, so I offered to try creating a script for Maya that would accomplish the same task. The end result was the tweenMachine.

After publishing version 1.10 about a month ago, I decided it was time to push beyond the limitations of that version and expand the tool into something much more useful and versatile. After working many late nights (and early mornings), I'm happy to present version 2.0. There are still many features I plan to add, and I'm open to suggestions from others on features they'd like to see.

Version 2.00 of the tweenMachine has the following features:
  • Sets: create custom sliders that affect a specific set of controls. With this feature, you can sculpt the start of a breakdown pose without selecting a single object. For example, make a slider that affects the entire body, another that only affects the spine, one for the left arm, etc. Controls can be assigned to any number of sets.
  • Groups: Sets can be organized into collapsable named groups. For example, you could create a group for each character in your scene.
  • Save with scene: data for groups and sets is automatically saved with your scene file. If you have the tweenMachine active when you open a scene that contains tweenMachine data, it will read the existing data and rebuild the UI automatically.
  • Load/Save: data for all groups and sets can be saved to a text file. This allows you to easily share settings across multiple files.
  • Timeline ticks: enable/disable ticks on the timeline for any set or group, so you can see where your poses are without having to select anything.
  • Channel isolation: when channels are selected in the channel box, using the "Selected" slider only affects those channels
  • Overshoot mode: changes the slider range so you can easily create overshoot and anticipation poses
  • Management tools: easily manage sets and groups with included management tools

More details, examples, and support links are available on the tweenMachine webpage.

Justin S Barrett

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