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Copy/Mirror deformers' weights for Maya 0.0.1 (maya script)

This script allows you to copy/mirror deformers' weights from one object to another or within one mesh. Very easy to use.

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Last Modified:10/12/2014
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weight, deformer

This script is written in Maya Python.
All weighted deformers are supported (cluster, wire, etc)!

Mirror axis - axis to mirror (x,y,z,none - no mirroring)
Center - a center of a mesh. Using for mirroring.
Mirror type - Do you want to mirror from left to right? (left = +x,+y,+z, right = -x,-y,-z)

Source mesh - copy weights from (mesh).
Destination mesh - paste weights to (mesh).
Source deformer - copy weights from (deformer).
Destination deformer - paste weights to (deformer).

Look at the picture above and try to experiment with the script. It is very easy.


a) Place the script to a Maya shelf.
b) Run the script with the following MEL command:
python("execfile(\"PATH/\")"); where PATH is a path to this script. 

c) Run the script with the following Python command:
execfile("PATH/") where PATH is a path to this script.
Do not forget to replace \ to /!

Good luck! 

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