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1 Click Procedural Rock Generator (Now with retopology!) 1.2.0 for Maya (maya script)

Generate fully unique rocks and stalagmites in seconds using this fully procedural tool set.

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Last Modified:02/21/2017
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Py Script stalagmiteGen_V1.0 doesn't work

Submitted byArnaud Real Arnaud Real
Hi guys,

I just bought the plugin and I had 2 surprises when opening the package. One positive: There's an extra script "stalagmiteGen_V1.0" !!

Well the second surprise is that it actually doesn't work. I can launch the UI but I can't generate anything. When I hit the "Make Stalags" button here's the error I got:

# Error: IndexError: file <maya console> line 116: list index out of range #

Maybe it comes from the Maya version I'm using (Maya 2015)...

Many thanks


Comments on this bug:

  • lucasm

    lucasm said over 4 years ago:

    HI Arnaud, Thanks for purchasing this tool set! The reason you are seeing that error is likely because you have nothing selected when you click generate. Try creating a poly plane and selecting a couple faces and then running again!

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