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May9 Pro 3.1, an alternative user experience 3.1.2 for Maya (maya plugin)

May9 Pro 3.1, an alternative user experience for Autodesk Maya 2018

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  • 2018

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Last Modified:05/17/2018
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May9 Pro is an alternative user experience for Autodesk Maya, is designed to improve the daily workflow and minimize the needed to learn the native position of commands.

The main concept of May9 Pro is streamline useful commands into a single keyboard button (Z), by predicting them from the context.
May9 Pro is targeted to anyone, from beginner to expert, from schools to studios.

For more information about installation please read the included user guide

Release Note
- May9 Pro 3.1.2 is tested and develop on Maya 2018.3
- May9 Pro Workspaces do not autosave, so manually save of the workspace is needed

Exclusive scripts
- da_intPlay: this script add the interactive play button directly to Time Slider
- da_curveToPoly: this script make possible the conversion of curves in polygons
- da_interactiveBooleans: this script make the Polygonal Boolean process more interactive
- da_BooleanFullIntersect: this script make a full intersect, so this execute a mesh subtraction but maintain subtracted part as separate object
- da_PlaneCutter: this script cut a mesh by using a flat mesh, this can be useful for simulate surface cracks
- da_AutoBevel: this script analyse the angle between faces and try to add a Bevel node only on needed edges
- da_ClothAsDeformer: this script set up the current mesh to be deformed by nCloth solver, this can be useful for simulate character selfcollision skin or muscle dynamics
- da_nParticleConverter: this script add the ability to convert particle to a specific type after their creation
- da_perspToggle: this script convert the current persp view to the closest ortho, and vice versa
- da_shell: this script emulates Shell deformer of Autodesk 3D Studio Max, by adding a thickness to flat polygons
- da_ConvertToMetaballs: this script convert particles to polygonal Metaballs
- da_MashVoxelizer: this script use MASH to voxelize an arbitrary mesh inside of another mesh
- da_RivetMash: this script constraint the pivot of a polygon to a component of another polygon
- da_CurveDistributionMash: this script scatter and constrain a polygonal object along a curve
- da_EdgeToLoopToCurve: this script convert edge selection to loop and then make a batch conversion to curves, this is useful for converting polygonal hair to curve hair
- da_SurfaceScatterMash: this script scatter and constrain a polygonal object on a mesh
- da_CurveLength: this script returns the length of a curve in Maya unit
- da_MouseTrack: this script tracks the mouse movement and create an animation
- da_FacesFollicles: this script creates a follicle in the centre of selected faces
- da_Compass: this script converts Euler angle into a XYZ vector, for drive wind direction in Nucleus and Air Filed
- da_CombineCurves: this script combines curves in a single transform
- da_SepareCurves: this script separate combined curves
- da_MapFacesUV: this script maps any single faces of a mesh as separate planar UV shell

Version 3.1 highlight
- A new drop-down menu
- Improved All_MM
- General refactoring, including optimization of all contextual Marking Menus performace
- Removed Maya 2017 support

Useful links

May9 Pro is licensed under MIT License
Copyright (c) Davide Alidosi

MMtoKey is under custom license: you can free modify source code of script, include to your preferences pack and redistribute, but you're not allowed to sell this script
Copyright (c) Andrey Menshikov

contextConnector is licensed under MIT license
Originally Copyright (c) by Pavel Korolyov
Adaptaded as plug-in and ported to Pyside2 by Davide Alidosi

Massive Attribute Editor is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Originally Copyright (c) by Mehdi Louala
Adaptaded as plug-in by Davide Alidosi

Bool is licensed under custom EULA
Copyright (c) Mainframe North

ProSets is licensed under custom EULA
Copyright (c) Mainframe North

ngSkinTools is licensed under custom license
Copyright (c) Viktoras Makauskas

SOuP is licensed under custom license
Copyright (c) Peter Shipkov

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Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
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