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Last Modified:04/05/2021
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Autobevel doesn't work if I apply it on an extruded created mesh

Submitted byDavide Alidosi Davide Alidosi
Autobevel doesn't work if I apply it on an extruded created mesh.
for example, if I create a shape using create polygon from the Mesh Tools menu, then extrude its face,  then applying the autobevel tool i get this error message, "Warning: line 3: Can't perform polyBevel3 on selection",
even if I deleted the history and frozen the transformation of the create shape.
 but in normal polygons, it's working fine I don't why,
i am using the latest version of may9 next 2.0 and maya 2018.6

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  • Davide Alidosi

    Davide Alidosi said over 2 years ago:

    Hi, I'm try to do that buit I can't be able to reproduce the bug, can you tell me more about this, please?

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