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Ninja Mesh 6.3.0 for Maya (maya script)

Comprehensive Set of Modeling Tools and Scatter Tools

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Last Modified:10/09/2017
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Version History

Ninja Mesh 6.2

1. Added Boolean Difference + Intersection.
2. Added Boolean Difference + Keep Last.
3. Added Greeble Tools.
4. Added Axis Direction to Deform Along Curve.
5. Added Deform Along Selected Edge.

Ninja Mesh 6.1
1. Added Select Contiguous. This will select contiguous faces within a certain Angle.
2. Added Grid Divide. Divide a mesh based off a grid in x y z axis.
3. Fixed Weld verts to work on multiple objects.
4. Fixed Delete Alternate Edge Loop to work on multiple objects.
5. Added Boolean options.
6. Updated Select by name.

Ninja Mesh 6.0 updates

1. Updated the Attach to help clean up empty nodes associated with meshes.
2. Fixed some issues with deform along curve.
3. Fixed some issues with duplicate along curve.
4. Added Radomize Position, Rotation, Scale
5. Updated Coffer: added Keep Faces Together, Taper and End Scale.
6. Added Cloning ability to Most Rollouts. 
7. Added New Re-Cap Faces.  This Will rebuild Faces with a specified number of Divisions.
8. Updated Icons

Ninja Mesh 3.0
1. updated translate, rotate, scale constraints so it is now context sensitive.

2. (New) Added Ninja Divide.  This will divide edges on a mesh to a certain length. Auto Divide Edges will divide your whole mesh.
    You can also divide single edge rings with Divide Edge Ring.

Ninja Mesh 2.7
1. Added Selection Rollout
2. Added Select Random % and Select Random count
3. Added Select by face angle
4. Added Select by shader.  This will only select the faces with the same shader on the selected objects
5. Added Align Object to Componet.  Select the object first then a component.  This will align the object to the center of the component and align the rotation to the component normal if align normal is checked on.
6. Added Auto Create Tube checkbox.  This will automatically create a tube while creating a Curve.
7. Added Clean Tube Splines.  This will delete the spline after a tube has been created.  You will no longer be able to edit the Tube settings if you have this checked on.
8. Select By Same Name will now select multiple object names instead of just one.

Ninja Mesh 2.6
1. Scatter:  Removed the interactive Density Change.
2. Optimize Mesh.. Ninja Delete Edge will delete selected edges across multiple objects.  Ninja Edge Loop Delete will edge loop delete across multiple objects.  Ninja Edge Ring Collapse will work across multiple objects
3. Added Edge loop grow +1
4. Cleaned up Bounding Box/Plane UI

Ninja Mesh 2.4

1. Added search and replace in the Copy tools
2. Fixed a renaming bug in the Replace Objects when you had nested objects and you have "Keep Target Names" checked on
3. Added World Space Align
4. Changed the align UI
5. Support for multiple tube creation

Ninja_Mesh 2.3

1. Added Mesh Optimization Tools. It's located in the mesh tab
2. Fixed issues with Create Tube when using a line.
3. Added Extrude Edge Along curve.  It's located in the spline tab
4. Added Duplicate Betweeen.  This will array objects in a line between 2 objects. This is located under the copy tab under the Duplicate on Curve section
5. Added more error checking to [Deform To Curve]
6. Added Follow Axis and Up axis to Duplicate Along Curve.

Ninja Mesh 2.2

1. Updated the Detach to detach faces on multiple objects
2. Fixed Flipping normals when mirroring with instance
3. Added Match Selected Verts and Match Border Edge.  This works like merge vertex but across multiple objects.  It will keep objects seperate.
4. Duplicate along curve is now editable if you have the group selected
5. Deform along curve is now editable if you have the group selected
6. Added instance and reference to Mirror
7. Fixed some issues with create tube from spline when using line or custom

Updates 12.14.2011
1. Reorganized Rollouts
2. Added Adjust pivot to min X, min Y, min Z, max X, max Y, max Z.  This will set the pivot of an object to the min and max extents.
3. Added the option to mirror either from the center or the Extents of an object.
   You can now mirror in all directions using the extents of the object as the mirror point.
4. When Mirroring.. The display Opposite is now turned off
5. Added Color to the On and Off in the history Editor
6. Fixed a crash bug when you had the history list open with nothing selected and you used your mouse wheel to scroll in the Ninja Mesh UI.
   This crash would only happen with 2010 and below.
7. Fixed the refresh histoy when nothing was selected.  It will now display "nothing selected" instead of keeping the last selected history.
8. Moved History to a new tab called edit
9. Added an attribute editor in the edit tab

Updates 11.7.2011
1.  Updated the Scatter.
Scatter now supports paint scatter, selection scatter, and Object scatter.
2.  Fixed some memory issues in the Scatter
3.  Created a Tutorial Video on the Scatter

1. Added Deformers in the Mesh Tab
2. Fixed some issues when you replaced objects with Inherit Deformers and you have the Deformer as a child of an object.
3. Added the Duplicate Special options in the Replace Objects.  If you have a Deformer as a child you can now replace objects and the deformer will get copied too.
4. Moved Deform To Curve under the Copy Tab.
5. Added Duplicate On Curve.  This will duplicate objects on a curve.
6. Fixed some issues with Create Tube from Spline.  Custom Profiles now automatically will center the pivot and reset it back to world space coordinats.
7.  Added a Custom Profile Button.  So now you can select the profile and click the button to fill in the Text instead of having to type it in.