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Puddle Buddy Pro 1.0.0 for Maya

The last puddle / slime asset you'll ever need


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Last Modified:06/06/2018
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maya, splash, waves, Effects, slime

The last animating puddle asset you'll ever need.
It's more than just a puddle asset - it's a total wetmap solution for all kinds of effects.  This is a voulme mesh asset that ripples, deforms and grows with the feel of real water spreading.  It's also ready to render with a custom arnold shader.
Comes complete witha variety of mesh and color options. Fast, easy to work with and downright fun.  It's good for growing puddles or for living slime effects.  Theres an optional ripple effect and a variety of choices for the types of shapes you want to make.
The black ring at the bottom is a black hole matte "cut out" object.  You can turn it on or off in the main control
Like always contact me for any feature requests or general questions and I'll respond within 24 hours.

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