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DummyMan - humanoid basic rig 1.0.4 for Maya

humanoid rig for animation


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How to select/edit geometry?

Submitted by: Grzegorz Dalek Grzegorz Dalek

I wanted to change some materials on the rig for the previs I'm working on, but I cannot select any faces on it? How is it locked?


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    NURBO said over 8 years ago:

    There is nothing weird in this setup. All you have to do is select mesh from outliner, open attribute editor, then go to Display -> Display Owerrides rollout and change "reference" option to "normal". Now you can select DummyMan's mesh and assign any material or texture you like.
  • tom robbins

    tom robbins said about 8 years ago:

    Disabling the drawing override (or turning it to normal) does not allow me to select the geometry still. There are two quads on the back of each arm in my file that have no material applied to them and the only way I can fix is to apply an entirely new material to the rig. EDIT: I finally figured out how to select vertices. It is being Intermediated. Select the Body_mesh from your outliner and go to the Body_meshShapeOrig tab. Under Object Display there's a check for Intermediate Object, uncheck it and you can edit it via the small wireframe. This however does not allow me to select the faces to recolor him. EDIT 2: Never mind I"m just an idiot. I was in Body_meshShape putting the override to normal which doesn't do anything.
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    NURBO said about 8 years ago:

    Hi, Tom Glad you've solved this tiny mesh problem with Dysplay owerride - >Reference Thank you for your praise comment and for using my rig. Hope you enjoy it.

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