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BoolieMan | Claymation Rig | Alpha 0.1.0 for Maya

A Maya animation rig that behaves like clay


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  • 2011

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Last Modified:07/11/2017
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Claymation Rig for Maya 2011, 2013

A character rig for Maya which is built to behave like clay.  Boolieman is made up of custom boolean primitives.  That means the entire body acts as one mass of putty.  Besides IK / FK animation controls, you can scale and separate any part of his body, you can reconfigure Boolieman to take on new proportions, you can take him apart and resculpt him, the posibilities are as limitless as molding a real lump of clay.

For more information please watch the demo video. 

By the very nature of his construction, Boolieman is un-UVable - but you can change his color easilly through the main coin RGB sliders.

The file comes with Boolieman, the boolie primitives and a manual with instructions and a list of known issues and solutions.

BoolieMan, BoolieBall, BoolieBod and BooliePeg © Brent Forrest, 2013, 2015

BFX Animation and FX Inc.

Animation by Raghava Krishna

Music: Triforce Majeur by Disco Dan, OverClocked ReMix

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