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1st October 2008 Sequencemaster releases new free update
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1st October 2008 Sequencemaster releases new free update
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Sequencemaster Streamline your digital studio

New - Free Sequencemaster update  Download here

New - Improved Interface - Main menu now works for both sides in dual window mode.

New - Online help page per topic - Fast access to help

New - Listview masks - List images by name or extension.

New - Properties panel  - Image size X Y and File sizes


New Price - Sequencemaster is now only $ 75.00 USD


Overview : Sequencemaster is a sequential image browser with built in multi format player, image utilities and production tools.


PC or USB : Install Sequencemaster on your PC or your USB hard drive or memory stick to use it anywhere.


Free Sequencemaster Download

To Install Free Download - Download and double click on Setup.exe


Sequencemaster Features


Preview tools


Listview - List sequences as single line or individual frames.

ProPlayer - Multi format player to preview, merge or extract sequences. Or preview with Fcheck.

Preview - Preview selection and Preview style thumbnails.


Image utilities and Features

Play - Rename - Batch convert - Reformat - Renumber - Padd - Offset - Reverse - Resize - ReTime - Filters -Open with - Composite - Merge sequences - Extract Sequences - Render - Render all missing - View DiskSpace - ListView masks - Auto Refresh - Sort by - View aspect ratio - RGBA - Vary FPS playback - List Missing frames.


Production tools


Dual window - Drag & drop copy, single or multiple sequences.

Bookmarks - Bookmark and color code network locations - Save and distribute bookmarks.

Render - create render scripts - Render All Missing create render scripts for missing frames.

Graph&Stats - Estimate render times - List missing frames.

Graphview - Visual render monitoring - Play selection.


Screen Shots :



ListView playing selected sequence in the ProPlayer.


Preview - Selected sequence at bottom right and Preview all thumbnails in right  window.


Bookmark left and right dual window views - Save and distribute bookmarks - color code bookmarks.


Dual Window - Drag drop copy single or multiple sequence selections.


Render All Missing - Creates render scripts for missing frames in a sequence.


 GraphView and Graphstats - ProPlayer playing selection of Graph.

for more information please visit


  • learner2008

    learner2008 said over 9 years ago:

    What a crappy software!Crashed my PC now i cant even unistall it,and you are charging for it! Ridicilous!
  • zigzagzig

    zigzagzig said over 9 years ago:

    [quote]learner2008 said: What a crappy software!Crashed my PC now i cant even unistall it,and you are charging for it! Ridicilous![/quote] Further to our mail : Uninstall Sequencemaster via the control panel if your having problems. Go to - Start > Control Panel > Add or remove Programs. If you could please send us some information regarding your setup: Service pack, Windows version, and your anti virus software. Then perhaps we can help resolve your issues.
  • Pandusen

    Pandusen said over 9 years ago:

    The idea is wonderful, been waiting for software with these features in mind. However this software is so buggy i don\'t even bother to report them, they should be right there in the developers face. i used it/tried to for less then 10minutes yet i managed to crash it well over 10 times.. and thought OMG. Get out of my HDD. its really a shame! get it fixed and i will be happy to give it another go.

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