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THE GNOMON WORKSHOP RELEASES two new UV Layout dvds by kevin hudson
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THE GNOMON WORKSHOP RELEASES two new UV Layout dvds by kevin hudson
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This week The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of two new DVDs by veteran Gnomon instructor Kevin Hudson. In these two titles, Kevin covers UV Layout for 3D models in Autodesk Maya, thoroughly breaking down the process and demonstrating tips and tricks for working efficiently in a production setting. In the Advanced UV Layout DVD, Kevin also introduces Headus UVLayout which is a great tool for speeding up the task.

“Kevin’s lectures are informed by over fourteen years of experience in the digital effects industry as well as ten years teaching at Gnomon School of Visual Effects”, says Alex Alvarez, Director of Gnomon School of Visual Effects. “These DVDs are a valuable resource for learning how to lay out UVs correctly and efficiently.”

DVD DescriptionS:

UV Mapping 101

In this DVD, Kevin guides the beginning modeler through the concepts and complexities of the UV layout process in Maya. It is essential that UVs are laid out properly so that 3D models can smoothly proceed into the texturing process. Starting with the fundamentals, Kevin prepares the viewer to take on a project as complicated as laying out the UVs for a house.

He covers editing the UVs in the UV Layout Window, projecting and editing on a stretched cube, cylindrical and spherical projections, and the principal of using “material splits” as a means of organizing different parts of a model. Intended as an introduction to production UV layout techniques, Kevin’s many years of expertise inform this clear and precise lecture.

Advanced UV Layout for Production

In this DVD, Kevin guides the more advanced modeler through the steps of laying out UVs on more complicated organic objects, where no single simple projection will work. Kevin provides a clear approach to breaking down objects into pieces that can be laid out and reassembled. Starting with a dollhead model, Kevin covers how to combine different projections and use the Relax and Unfold tools to get the desired results. He then discusses UV layout solutions for clothing and more complicated objects like a horse skull. Kevin then shows how to utilize his favorite tool, UVLayout by Headus, which can really speed up your workflow by automating the process of cutting up the model and projecting onto it, while maintaining a consistent scale.

Finally, Kevin explains why in production it may be necessary to have multiple UV sets and what the specific requirements are for programs like ZBrush and BodyPaint. Intended as an advanced tutorial on production UV layout techniques, Kevin’s many years of expertise inform this clear and “holistic” approach to modeling and UV work.

Instructor Bio:

Kevin Hudson helped to pioneer the digital character pipeline at Sony Imageworks where he worked for fourteen years. He contributed to such milestone projects as James and the Giant Peach, Anaconda, Stuart Little, Hollowman and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. With The ChubbChubbs Kevin helped to develop Sony’s pipepline for digital animation feature film and achieved one of his career goals — contributing to an Academy Award winning film.

After working on fully digital virtual environments for the first feature length 3D, all CG film The Polar Express, Kevin returned to his creature making roots for Ghost Rider, I am Legend and Watchmen, creating photorealistic digital characters for all three films. With these films, Kevin helped to establish the use of Sub-D surfaces and ZBrush at Sony. Recently Kevin moved to London to work at Double Negative Visual Effects.



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