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  • mAlignCvs.mel for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    mAlignCvs.mel for Maya
    Select two anchor CV's then any number of...

    Added 1999-09-16 23:35:59 UTC
  • Tornado for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    Tornado for Maya
    It is a script that creates a spiral spline...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • tentNodeAttach for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    tentNodeAttach for Maya
    Tentacle node script from the alias assist...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • surfLattice for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    surfLattice for Maya
    This binds the lattice to the nurbs surface...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • SubSurf for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    SubSurf for Maya
    Create SubdivisionSurfaces from polygon...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • spiralSurface.mel for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    spiralSurface.mel for Maya
    Creates a spiral tube, with a specific...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • snapEps for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    snapEps for Maya
    Given 2 curves, this will move the eps of the...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • smoothParamSurface for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    smoothParamSurface for Maya
    Reparameterize a surface to get smoother...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • setTessellationAll.mel for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    setTessellationAll.mel for Maya
    script to set Number U and Number V of all...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • selOrig for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    selOrig for Maya
    This procedure selects the orig shape of a...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • polyTetrahedron for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    polyTetrahedron for Maya
    Makes a polygonal tetrahedron given the length...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • polyOctahedron for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    polyOctahedron for Maya
    Given the length of edge, construct a poly...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • polyIcosahedron for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    polyIcosahedron for Maya
    Makes a polygonal Icosahedron given the length...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • pickWalkRem for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    pickWalkRem for Maya
    This is a subtractive pickWalk that deselects...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • pickPercentCV for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    pickPercentCV for Maya
    Picks a user-specified percent of the CVs on a...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • nurbsTorus.mel for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    nurbsTorus.mel for Maya
    Creates a NURBS torus primitive

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • insert iso for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    insert iso for Maya
    This script inserts isoparms evenly between...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • ifDegree1.mel for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    ifDegree1.mel for Maya
    Filters the input list to return only NURBS...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • countTriangles.mel for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    countTriangles.mel for Maya
    To report the sum of the total number of...

    Rating: 5.0
    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
  • chipORama for Maya 1.0 (maya script)
    chipORama for Maya
    Run this script on selected polygon facets and...

    Added 1999-08-18 21:15:35 UTC
Showing 461-480 of 501