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Pyranha 1.1.8 for Maya (maya script)

Pyranha for Maya (Project Manager, Scene Browser)

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Last Modified:09/15/2017
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    MR HOLLYWOOD said over 2 years ago:

    This Script is just so SUPER !!! Just love this. So user friendly and your able to see and go through each scene. A really BIG THANK YOU for a generous share. Cheers MR H
  • luta s

    luta s said over 4 years ago:

    nany thxs i use openpipeline all the time , pyranha too, and i cant get more organized now.great work
  • mike bhasett

    mike bhasett said almost 6 years ago:

    nice script .. can see myself using this on the daily! thanks
  • mejker

    mejker said almost 6 years ago:

    Nice tool - it seems works on OSX too (tested on M2012). GREAT WORK!
  • nemuro

    nemuro said almost 7 years ago:

    Works like a charm. Eliminates the hassle of browsing your nested projects folders and keeps track of your folder structure. Great time saver, hands down.

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