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Victor Hart Character Rig V2 2.1.0 for Maya

Customizable character rig

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  • 2015

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:01/21/2015
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face, animation, Rig, maya

This Victor Hart character rig was created in Maya 2015. Hair, facial hair and eyes customizable. Option to have trouser pockets, vest or badge on or off. Comes with two guns that are fully rigged as well.

Features of the Rig

1.IK/FK arms

2.Stretchy arms, legs and neck (Can turn arms stretch on & off)

3.Facial rig

4.Scalable Rig

5.Finger controls, including preset hand controls (fist, relax, hand bend & spread) as well of preset for the guns (gun hold & pull trigger)

6.Ability to change muscle size 

7.Uv mapped & textured

8.Reverse foot controls

9.Customizable hair & facial hair

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