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Stan Rig (Standard Biped Rig) 1.2.0 for Maya

Stan Rig is a flexible toony character rig that has many features including a full facial rig and appeareance modifiers. This rig also comes with an easy to use and install GUI.

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  • 2008

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:08/19/2010
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  • Grant Olivier

    Grant Olivier said almost 13 years ago:

    Duno if I'm just being dumb, noticed something with the rig. While doing a walk cycle, the hip and spine joints orientation is wrong. If you select them and rotate them in the X axis it spins him around instead of tilting him forwards or backwards :( Otherwise the rig is cool, everything else works...
  • Chanon Vathanopas

    Chanon Vathanopas said about 13 years ago:

    awesome rig !! and the guy who make this so nice he answer every question . It has a very cool face rig too ! I like it so much :D

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