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Last Modified:09/19/2014
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FK Arms

Submitted by: Kayla Gaudet Kayla Gaudet
I turned the arms to fk and put Scotty through a walk cycle. When I was going to do the arms, I noticed
that when you turn the spine_fk_high_anim control, the fk arm controls move with it and does not drag the geo with it. Did I forget to turn something off or on so this doesn't happen?

Thank you.

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    jasonscott1023 said almost 7 years ago:

    Hey k. So I fixed the problem. Well a problem I found with jus the right arm. If u wish for the to drag with the geo. Go to arm fk anim. And turn off body align. This will let the arms not follow the body. But I will post a updated version when I return home within the next couple of days. Sorry for the inconvenience. Also. Make sure you are fully in fk mode as well. J
  • Kayla Gaudet

    Kayla Gaudet said almost 7 years ago:

    Sounds awesome, thank you very much!

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