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Scotty Bluebaker 1.2.0 for Maya

Free Character Rig for Maya 2014 +

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  • 2014


Last Modified:09/19/2014
File Size: 114 MB

Version History

May 8


  • Right arm setup is fixed.  When you turn off the IK|FK Follow Enabler, you might have come across a problem with the FK and IK join chains aren't lined up with one another.  I fixed that problem and also fixed the global scale on the right arm chain as well.

September 16

  • Fixed up Right Arm FK setup.  To those who found this problem,  when you will rotate the right FK arm, the ontrols will not sink up with the joint orientation even though it will roate still.

  • FINALLY FIXED THE HAIR OF THE CHARACTER.  I was having troubles with connecting the hair to the character whenever the character was to move.  Well I got it to work properly.  If you still find any problems with it.  Please let me know.