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roboter 2.0.1 for Maya

A simple rig for non-commersional use only.

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  • 2012, 2011

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:07/09/2012
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humanoid, animation

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  • ivivasv

    ivivasv said over 10 years ago:

    It's really good, very expresive and intuitive, i'll try to animate it ! Thanks for doing it.
  • Clarence Rajaratnam

    Clarence Rajaratnam said over 10 years ago:

    im getting some errors with maya 2008. For eg- when i change the pose save it then reopen it the pose looks weird.
  • d4wn0ff473

    d4wn0ff473 said over 10 years ago:

    First of all this rig is amazing, No bones and a great low poly model makes for speedy animation time, but I really would like some UVs on it, and it doesn't like to render properly because half of the face normals are flipped.
  • uncleshaun

    uncleshaun said almost 11 years ago:

    I LOVE this rig! I like that there are individual IK/FK switches for the limbs, rather than the whole body.
  • chickensandbeandip

    chickensandbeandip said almost 11 years ago:

    I can't seem to get the Ik switches on the legs to work. There are a couple other odd ones. Anyone else have this problem?
  • efegarcia

    efegarcia said about 11 years ago: is an animation that I made with this excellent character..Thanks..¡¡
  • Dan Hoskins

    Dan Hoskins said over 11 years ago:

    First off, I just got the new Maya 2010 and spent all of yesterday using your rig. I've really enjoyed working with it, but today I tried to open up those files, and none of the animations I was working on that includes your rig will open. Maya keeps crashing. Now, I know that this rig wasn't built for 2010, (I'm sure none of the rigs here are updated to 2010 yet), but I was wondering if anyone had any advice. I can open up the rig just fine, but any time I add any animation, save it, close out of Maya, then try to open the file again, I get an error and Maya has to shut down. Any advice would be welcome.
  • clive_barrettcb

    clive_barrettcb said over 11 years ago:

    Can anyone tell me how to switch the Ik and FK, please.
  • raymondchan168

    raymondchan168 said over 11 years ago:

    good rig, I didn't have any problems with it. Can I use this in my showreel, you obviously will be credited for it. ray
  • Niklas Wennersten

    Niklas Wennersten said almost 12 years ago:

    the dysfunctionality of the fingers was a mistake from my part and I apologize for that. I have however fixed it and updated the rig. thank you for downloading happy animating

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