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MooM v4.0.3 By Ramtin 4.0.0 for Maya

MooM version 4.0.3

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Last Modified:06/21/2008
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Doesn't show any controls in Maya 2010.

Submitted byMicha Grandel Micha Grandel
Hi there,
it would be totaly amazing, if you could add support for Maya 20** on a Mac. I'm running Maya 2010, but as I read, there are lots of other people with maya 2008 and 2009, having the same trouble.

The problem is, that there are no controls on the rig! when you open MooM 4, the only control you see in Maya 2010 is the circle at the bottom. No IK/FK Handle, no arms, no legs, nothing!

I've opened the script editor to see wether there is an error message or not, but the only thing I've got is this:

file -f -options "v=0;p=17" -typ "mayaAscii" -o "/Users/micha/Downloads/MooMv4.0.3ByRamtin/";addRecentFile("/Users/micha/Downloads/MooMv4.0.3ByRamtin/", "mayaAscii");
// File read in 3 seconds. //
// Warning: This file is from an older version of Maya. If saved, it will not be readable by previous versions. //


Also, there is an issue with the hide-controls for the bodyparts: you can't hide any body part, if you have a resolution better than 'low'. Well, but that's not such a hudge problem.

Pleease, can you make MooM 4 running in maya2010/mac? =)Can't wait to get my hands on this sequel to the best free rig available^^

Greetings, Micha

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  • Micha Grandel

    Micha Grandel said over 11 years ago:

    problem solved (by reading your message written at the GUI-Version of the rig.) the solution is to make sure to show all the layers of the controls in the layer panel. Thank you!

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