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Moom rig with GUI 1.7.0 for Maya

Moom rig with new easy and powerful GUI

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Last Modified:10/26/2010
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Hello every body.


Mom is a exellent character with very good rig and design but it's UI is some slow and confusing.I decide to improve this problem and make Moom more popular for animators. I create a Graphic User Interface (GUI) for Moom and now you easily can access to all Moom controls in it's tab window and you dont need to work with channel Box and other place or even you dont need to see Moom control's in your Maya viewport. Your viewport is clean and clear and You can easily see your body pose , Facial and etc.


I put a video here for more help p>

If you have any question about GUI Please Email me.





Version history:


- Select Mutiple button with holding down Shift Button .

- Leg Controller in Body tab added.

- in the face tab you only can see and select face CTL (all scene polygon ,Grid and etc is hide)

- I extend GUI for Mac user


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