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Mouse Keyboard OSD for Video Tutors - Moukey 4.3.3

Keyboard & Mouse On Screen Display


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Last Modified:07/06/2019
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Mouse Keyboard OSD for Video & ClassRoom Tutors - Moukey
it may worth to watch 2min youtube demo before reading boring descriptions.

Moukey is developed for video tutorial tutors. And Classroom tutors teaches CG relevant softwares. Its because in first level its hard to show keyboard and mouse combinations. Moukey displays them in correct order and makes your students easier to understand of combination of keyboard and mouse.
Moukey is the one, and the only software for Keyboard & Mouse On Screen Display.

Its shortcut default running with "Run with Administration". if for some reasons of buggy antiviruses may decline it. Dont forget to Moukey "Run With Administration Rights".

Moukey is tested on Windows 10,8.1 and Win7. Found no error. in these systems it is working properly and compatible for next generation of windows versions.
But! Im not responsible for your system or Operating System or Buggy Antivirus software problems. By getting this utility you agree these terms. And also Feel free to send Feature Requests and Bug reportings. do not blame this software without having a successful System.

update 06 2019)
- "Fair Font Size" Option Added. (Shows Smaller Labels Larger)
- Rare Button Flickering problem fixed.
- Some Code Optimizations.

update 10 2019)
- "Ignore Key" functionality added. Just add the KeyLabel under "Key Label Customization" section and Live Replacement Column Empty (to be an example F9 added.)
(Disabling Key Label Customization Checkbox wont affect Added Disabled Keys. eg. you have to remove F9 in List if you want it Shown).

-"Show Mouse Strokes" option added. (so some users wante only keyboard strokes not mouse actions.)
-Theme "Children Loves Red" Added.

Show Resolved Character Option Added. Displays typed character. But blocks typing some special characters like ` ^ or ~
eg. [Alt Gr] [Q] appears as [Alt Gr] [Q (@)]

Update (05/27/2019)
- Long waited solution is Here. Now Disappear TimeOut Functionality added.Key Shortcuts Stays on Screen as long as you want and not disappearing suddenly.

-Clicking was not functioning when mouse cursor is on mouse symbol.Fixed.

Update (3/27/2019)
-Toggle Customized Label List option added.
-Two new themes added.
-Bug fixes.

Update (03/04/2019)
-Customizing Key Labels functionality Added to Panel. You can now rename key labels.
-Some Code Fixes.

Update (Jul/13/2017)
-rearrangment of location issue has been fixed. (for dual monitors that monitor order and / or main display is modified)

Update (Mar/01/2017)
- Customization is now enabled. After Now you can Build your own theme. "Customize..." Button refers.
   (How to customize videotutorial  )

Update (Feb/01/2017)
- 4th (extra) mouse buttons are avaible as a hotkey to toggle OSD.
- Toggle Buttons were show up acciently But they wouldnt. fixed.

Update (Feb/01/2017)
- Moukey is now more colorful!
    Themes are now amount of 11 (Adobe and Maya Themes are #10 and #11).
- Code Clean.

Update (Jan/31/2017)
- MultiMonitor Support Added.

Update (Jan/30/2017)
- Virtual Keys were disappearing problem in "not follow mouse" mode.fixed.

Update (Jan/26/2017)
- New 2 Themes added.
- Label Alignment to Center of KeyButton.
- Some Bugs Fixed and Performance issues fixed.

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