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CG Spectrum Press Release 2014
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CG Spectrum Press Release 2014
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CG Spectrum Announces CG Rent-A-Mentor



VANCOUVER, CA, JANUARY 8, 2014 – CG Spectrum announces CG Rent-A-Mentor. Custom catered online CG training for artists in the entertainment design industry. Offering the highest caliber 1-on-1 online mentorship in subjects covering, visual effects, animation, and entertainment design.


Learn from the best! Their mentors are highly experienced industry professionals who are excited to share their knowledge & expertise with students. Learn their secrets, their workflows and make meaningful connections that will keep you motivated and inspired.




The team at CG Spectrum has paid very close attention to the needs of individuals in search of professional CG training. Many schools offer online training, but CG Spectrum's founders designed their CG Rent-A-Mentor program to give you what you want, when you want it.The program offers a great selection of options that will cater to any need & budget.


You can take a 10-week or 6-week mentorship that is custom built per student's individual needs as a growing entertainment artist. The mentors are leading industry professionals from Weta, Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, ILM, Tippet Studios, Animallogic and Sony Animation Studios. For those seeking a diploma and more of a formal course structure there is private course mentorship. The fourth tier offering of mentorship is demo reel review. Students who choose this option will get an in-depth personal critique from Lead Animator Richard Smith whose credits include The Smurfs and Amazing Spider-man franchises. Areas of focus include but are not limited to: Houdini Visual Effects, Maya Visual Effects, 3D Character Animation, 3D Modeling and Concept Design.  Some of the work from instructors include:







If you are still wondering why to choose CG Spectrum's Rent-a-Mentor program here is the best reason. Don't be just another number! Get the attention that you deserve from their mentors with the most student to teacher time possible. They have structured class sizes to seat a maximum of five students so everyone gets the time and attention required to be taught properly.


Student Testimonial:


"I did two terms at another online school a few years ago, and I loved the experience, but I also nearly failed. I heard that CG Spectrum absolutely doesn't want anyone to fall through the cracks. Students get a TON of personal attention, and mentors are personally invested in your success. It's like the school molds itself to fit me, my learning style, my pace. Instead of struggling just to keep up, I struggle to learn "deep" so that maybe some magic will start happening. It was a huge dream for me to return to my old school, but I chose CG Spectrum because I think I have a much better chance of learning to be a great animator"


- Kirk Bomont, California, United States



Mission Statement:


"To see each of our students as individuals with goals and dreams, not just as a number lost in the crowd. To provide them with the world's most personalized education from the industry's best artists by catering to their specific needs through the provision of constant feedback and support, giving our students a competitive edge to succeed in an ever changing industry.”


For more information about CG Spectrum's programs and courses visit



Jeff Pepper

1-888-445-6015 (toll free)


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