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CHARGED STUDIOS' Animated Film, FALLING UP Honored by Brooklyn Film Festival
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CHARGED STUDIOS' Animated Film, FALLING UP Honored by Brooklyn Film Festival
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_CHARGED-_Team_at_Bkly_FF                                                                Charged Studios' team at the Brooklyn Film Festival event on June 12th:
                                      (left to right) Adam Miller, DP, Djuna Wahlrab, Director, Adam Pierce, EP, Will Pike, Production Designer.

  CHARGED STUDIOS is proud to announce that ‘Falling Up,’ an independent animated short, produced through its Artists In Residence Program, was honored this month with 'The Audience Choice Award' at the 2011 Brooklyn Film Festival (BFF).  The award-winning animation/CGI/live-action commercial and film company’s collective of multi-disciplined talent collaborated on the 9-minute film, taking it from concept through design, pre-production, modeling, stop-motion animation, production, audio, music and post.

Charged_3_of_3"Falling Up" tells the story of a young man facing the adult world for the first time. The protagonist is enthusiastic about his prospects, yet the boy within him is disappointed when he sees his future unfold. The clash of ideals causes the child within the man to literally tumble out of his adult body and its world, and fall into the land of his youth.

As he wanders through his childhood he relives some of the most formative rituals children experience as part of the process of “growing up" and struggles to hold on to his youthful idealism as he inevitably makes the journey back to manhood and the realities of the adult world. The audience is drawn into the "magic" of the child's world and experience the many ways that people are pushed to leave them behind and move into a more realistic and mature phase of life.”

“I pictured 'Falling Up' as an animated piece from the very beginning, but I decided to use stop-motion specifically because it best served my story and its target audience: adults,” notes writer/director Djuna Wahlrab. “I find stop-motion has the ability to transport even the most stoic adults to a place of wonder. Watching stop-motion, we relinquish our hold on reality and for a brief moment give into the magic and wonder of the world around us.

“Supporting and collaborating with talented young artists is the fulfillment of a personal goal,”
says Adam Pierce, executive producer of the film Charged-falling_up-_riggingand owner of Charged.  “Working with Djuna, our DP Adam Miller and all the amazing artists who helped bring the film to life was a truly rewarding and liberating experience. Collaborating with this team provided Charged Studios’ collective of talent with the opportunity to broaden its creative aesthetic - and that fresh perspective adds a new dimension to our work in other genres. We're committed to balancing our spot and broadcast work with a mix of other compelling long form projects in the future.”

Charged-Falling_Up-pre_pro_guy_modelingAdam Miller, Charged Studios' cinematography, shot the film in the company's studio on its Canon 30D(DSLR). lead animators Kevin Coyle, Eileen Kohlhepp, and Adam Pierce worked on LunchBox.  Djuna Wahlrab, the writer and director of "Falling Up," edited the short on Final Cut Pro and After Effects and the sound design was created by Evan Benjamin and Bruce Pross on ProTools, which was also used by music producer/engineer James Auwarter to mix the audio.  Composers Jon Guerra and Josiah Wahlrab created the original score for "Falling Up" on Pro Tools and Logic Studio.

“Falling Up” first started gaining momentum in 2006, when Djuna began working with Charged Studios on national commercials and broadcast projects while trying to find the time and resources to take her animated short to the next level. The potential of Djuna’s innovative concept and her passion for the film inspired Pierce, an accomplished animator and filmmaker in his own right, to re-tool his company’s business model and integrate the Artist In Resident Program into its structure.

anDjuna  has been fascinated by the process of moviemaking since childhood, and followed her passion, teaching the craft at Stivers School For The Arts in her hometown of Dayton, Ohio. She credits her students with introducing her to animation and teaching her the basics of the art form.

In 2005, while working at a TV production studio in Brussels, Belgium, she began developing the storyline and creative concept for ‘Falling Up.’ The following year she made the move to Brooklyn, New York and began working with Charged on a number of TV spots before becoming the company’s first Artist in Residence.

Djuna continues to balance her independent animated projects with work on Charged Studios’ diverse mix of spots and long-form content, including the animated pilots, ‘Tomatoes’' (MTV) and ‘Glenn Martin, DDS’ (Nick at Nite) and well as spots and projects for Subway, Ad Council, Time Suck, Popsicle Stick Theater and Ariel.

The Brooklyn Film Festival (BFF) is an International competitive event. Its mission is to support artistic excellence and the creative freedom of green_screenartists, while drawing worldwide attention to Brooklyn as a center for cinema. BFF is a not-for-profit organization supported by the New York State Council on the Arts.

"Falling Up" is the first short film to be produced under the umbrella of the Charged Studios’ Artist in Residence Program, which makes it winning the Audience Choice Award at its first festival even more exciting,” notes Pierce.

CHARGED STUDIOS has been bringing wit, originality and punch to the art of visual storytelling through a mix of animation, puppetry, live-action and visual effects for over 10 years. Our collaborative design, CGI, live-action production, editorial, music and sound studio is a creative haven for a diverse mix of artists with a shared passion for creating fresh, compelling spots, network media content and film that push the envelope.

At the helm of Charged is Adam Pierce, an award-winning producer, director, writer and animator. With his eye on the big picture, Adam skillfully takes the reins of every project, guiding each from concept to completion.  Adam’s philosophy and artistic aesthetic is reflected in an innovative environment driven by imagination, enthusiasm and out-of-the-box thinking, which raises the bar on every project that comes through our door.

Charged Studios is a self-contained one-stop creative world, complete with animation and CGI stations, an editing studio, a fully-equipped workshop, sound booth and mixing studio; and a full complement of state-of-the-art camera equipment, lighting grids and tabletop sets give us the flexibility to shoot everything from stop-motion to live action.  Some of our recent work includes, CGI and live-action national spots such as 'Eat Fresh' for Subway and Howard Johnson’s 'Go Happy, Go HoJo' campaign, as well as political spots for and a PSA for the Ad Council.  We’ve also produced long-form broadcast television, including the Court TV/Comedy Central puppet-series 'Smoking Gun TV.; Recently we had the opportunity to work directly with Michael Eisner, of Paramount and Walt Disney Co. fame, creating Nick-at-Nite’s animated pilot, 'Glenn Martin, DDS.'

Project: Animated short film (9-minutes)
Title: FALLING UP  (Audience Choice Award, 2011 Brooklyn Film Festival)
Trailer: Web:
‘Falling Up’ Website:

Production, Animation Company: Charged Studios/NY
    Director: Djuna Wahlrab
    Executive Producer: Adam Pierce
    Cinematographer: Adam Miller
    Production Design: Will Pike
    Lead Animators: Kevin Coyle, Eileen Kohlhepp, Adam Pierce

Editorial Company: Charged Studios/NY
    Editor: Djuna Wahlrab

Music + Sound Company: Charge Studios/NY
    Sound Design: Evan Benjamin, Bruce Pross
    Original Music Score: Jon Guerra, Josiah Wahlrab
    Music Director, Producer & Engineer: James Auwarter


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