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Blur Studio Reels In Animation for Goldfish® Crackers Campaign
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Blur Studio Reels In Animation for Goldfish® Crackers Campaign
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Blur Studio recently completed a ten-spot series of commercials for Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers via Young & Rubicam, NY. The campaign is entirely computer generated and was directed by Blur’s Leo Santos.

This work represents the campaign’s fourth season featuring the adventurous animated Goldfish characters, and is the first time the campaign presents a progressive story arc spanning 10 commercials. At the end of Season 3, “Gilbert” is separated from his friends when he gets sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. Season 4 is dominated by the search for Gilbert by his Goldfish pals. 

“We selected Blur for Season 4 because we wanted an entire season of episodic spots with a cinematic look and feel. Blur definitely delivered and treated our commercials as they would a film or television project, with film-quality animation, environments and nuanced performances,” said Salima Millott, content producer, Young&Rubicam, NY. “Blur is not only incredibly creative, but are also just great people to work with.”

The first spot, “Blast Off,” debuts this week, and takes the Goldfish gang on a paper airplane ride out from under the bed in search of their lost friend.  New spots revealing twists in the Goldfish mystery are set to drop every six weeks. This story arc represents the first time in the campaign in which the Goldfish characters explore new environments as they voyage out from under the bed and engage in action-packed antics that include flying down a staircase, going for a spin on a cuckoo clock and playing chase with a hound dog.

Said Al Shier, Blur Executive Producer, “A big part of the mission with Season 4 was to create an entirely new experience with more filmic quality, experimenting with lighting, depth of field and camera moves to engage audiences and immerse them in this animated world.”

Blur’s animation team worked on this campaign for a year, which included three months of pre-production and nine months of animation. Leo Santos directed the commercials and served as animation supervisor while Dan Rice worked as art director/CG supervisor.

“Each Goldfish character has a distinct personality, from exuberant to adventurous, and the animation really brought them to life. It was important that each could be expressive in close-up shots and they needed to talk and emote with believability. We worked very carefully on the character rigging, color and textures to give them a lifelike feel,” shared Santos.

"To help define the world in which these characters lived, we used a variety of editorial tricks to draw the audience into each adventure,” stated Rice. “Micro lens photography brought the audience up close and personal to the characters and building an entirely CG world gave us great flexibility. Color and light also helped drive the story throughout their journey. Rich textures, realistic materials and environments made the final sophisticated touches to give top-notch production value to the whole campaign."

Blur’s animation team is well versed in character animation, having completed multiple film, television, commercial and game projects. In the Goldfish spots, Autodesk Softimage was used for character animation and modeling; environments and effects were completed using Autodesk 3ds Max.  NVIDIA’s mental ray was used to render the spots and bring in cinematic lighting effects.

About Blur

Blur Studio is an Oscar- and Emmy-nominated production studio based in Venice, California. Founded in 1995, the company provides award-winning animation, effects and design for a wide range of media – short films, large format films, commercials, concept art, feature effects, music videos, game cinematics and broadcast design.  Notable clients include ABC, Disney, Universal Pictures, CBS, Microsoft, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Sega, Activision, Nickelodeon, FOX Sports and THQ, among others.  For more information, please visit

Blur Studio’s “Goldfish Season 4” Credits

Director/Animation Supervisor: Leo Santos

Art Director/CG Supervisor: Dan Rice

Creative Director: Tim Miller

Executive Producer: Al Shier

Producer: Tom Slovick

FX Supervisor: Brandon Riza

Production Coordinator: Rachel de Jong

Layout: Franck Balson, Jeff Fowler, Andrew Grisdale, David Nibbelin, Leo Santos

Character Modeling: Chris Grim, James Ku, Jason Martin

Environment and Prop Modeling: Chris Bedrosian, Simon Blanc, Darren Butler, Zack Cork, Kris Kaufman

Rigging: Steven Caron, Enoch Ihde, Michael Stieber

Animation: Jeff Fowler, Jason Hendrich, Bryan Hillestad, Michael Loeck, Nick Maw-Naing, Leo Santos, Rini Sugianto, Jon Vener

Hair and Cloth Simulation: Jon Jordan, Becca Baldwin

Lighting and Compositing: Chris Bedrosian, Simon Blanc, Darren Butler, Jinho Jang, Brian Prince, Dan Rice, Fabio Stabel, Dan Woje

FX: Johanes Kurnia, Torbjorn Olsson, Brandon Riza

Technical and QC Supervisors:Shaun Absher, Steven Caron, Ben Durkin, Sze Jones, Michael Stieber

Concept Design: Chuck Wojtkiewicz , Sean McNally, Hugo Martin, Francisco Ruiz

Graphic Design: Jennifer Miller, Norn Jordan , Harry Frank

Production Assistant: Amanda Powell

Tools and Scripts: Karl “Krash” Goldshmidt, Eric Hulser

Programming and Systems Administration: Duane Powell, Jeremy Donahue, Paul Huang, Matt Newell

Composer: Rob Cairns

Sound Design and 5.1 Mix: Gary Zacuto, Shoreline Studios


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