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Studio Leads Creative Process On High-Profile HBO and General Mills Projects

New York, NY (October 9, 2008) Broadcast design boutique Mr. Wonderful moves firmly into the world of full-service production. Their full spectrum of production and post capabilities were recently called into action for a show open and animation package for Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, HBOs Emmy-winning sports newsmagazine, and an all-encompassing :30 spot for Trix cereal and ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi/New York, which blends live-action with cel animation and colorful CG.

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Were seeing an increased client demand to provide the best creative solutions from start to completion, explains David Gioiella, Mr. Wonderful Partner. An all-encompassing workflow allows us to really invest in the final project, and follow the creative vision from selecting the right director to putting polishes on the final composites.

For Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, Mr. Wonderful Creative Director Beirne Lowry directed the live-action HD shoot, and the shop handled the design, VFX, edit and music composition. The Mr. Wonderful team also produced on-set HD screen footage, shooting time-lapse night scenes of New York City that loop on seven 80-inch flat panel monitors behind Gumbel.

Mr. Wonderful took a very classy and clean design approach to the new Real Sports open, one that complements the straightforward personality of this critically acclaimed show, says Tripp Dixon, HBO Sports Creative Director. From a live-action standpoint, the city panorama they shot and composited is a innovative and integral part of the new set.

We wanted to elevate the production quality of the open while adding a very strong sense of design, explains Damien Henderson, Mr. Wonderful Executive Producer. This is a 60-minute news show that goes beyond traditional sports reporting. We focused on maintaining the integrity of its serious journalistic content so we kept our design away from any stock or generic sports footage.

Composer/Mixer Ted Gannon composed a remixed version of the shows signature music track, and provided over 18 minutes of original music for the package. He also handled sound design.

For Rollercoaster, a CG-intensive spot for General Mills and ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi/New York, Mr. Wonderful began by pre-visualizing the look and feel of the spot in pitch phase. They enlisted the directing/producing team of Steve Spaz Williams and Clint Goldman on the live-action shoot, shot on location in Staten Island, NY. The visually-packed spot involved 23 VFX shots including 2D and 3D tracking, realistic 3D lighting effects, intensive rotoscoping and compositing, 2D animation, cel animation, dust and leaf particles, water ripples, shadow casting, and sky replacement.

Mr. Wonderful are my go-to guys on a project like this, says Pat Giles, Saatchi & Saatchi SVP & Creative Director. They have such a wide range of skills and talent pool that we were mixing, animating, compositing, editing with them and feeling like each skill was extremely specialized. They are a surprising group up there because they are not just one-stop shopping for convenience, they really have the chops, AND they offer a consistency through a lot of different functions. But mostly, when I needed to do a Roller Coaster made out of cereal, they were the guys I thought of first. That says a lot!

"Collaborating with Mr. Wonderful again was quite a brilliant experience, adds Hafeez Saheed, Saatchi & Saatchi Producer. Their ability to be immersed and address from prep to finish really contributed to the entirely smooth production process.

Given that so many elements of spots are interconnected now, and given the reality of trying to maximize resources and budgets, having a single team see the project from start to finish makes more and more sense, concludes Gioiella.

Project: Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Show Open & Animation Package

Client: HBO
HBO Sports Creative Director: Tripp Dixon

Live-Action Production, Design & Audio Post Company: Mr. Wonderful
Creative Director/Director: Beirne Lowry
Executive Producer: Damien Henderson
Editor: David Gioiella
Lead Designer/Animator: Frank Farella
Designer/Animators: William Bergeron, Joe Boylan
Composition/Audio: Ted Gannon
DP: Tony Burns

Project: Rollercoaster :30

Client: General Mills, Inc.
Ad Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi/New York
Senior Vice President, Creative Director: Pete Johnson Senior Vice President, Creative Director: Patrick Giles Copywriter: Adam Kline
Music Producer: Ryan Fitch Producer: Hafeez Saheed Production Company: Mr. Wonderful and Hoyty Boy Pictures Director: Steve Spaz Williams Executive Producers: Clint Goldman (Hoyty Boy) & Damien Henderson (Mr. Wonderful)

Design & VFX Company: Mr. Wonderful
Creative Directors: Beirne Lowry and David Gioiella
Executive Producer: Damien Henderson
3D Animation Director/Producer: Ben Porcari
3D Animators: Aaron Price, Ed Woodward, Daniel Smith, Robert Taltos, Conor Macneill, Gavin Guerra, Daniel Macarin, Eric Schall
After Effects Artist: Frank Farella
Flame Artists: Christopher Harrison, Graham Holly
Concept Artist: Michael Dooney

Editorial & Audio Post Company: Northern Lights Editor: David Gioiella
Assistant Editor: Michael Novello
Audio Mixer: Ted Gannon
Executive Producer: Robin Hall
Producer: Jackie Vendetti Cel Animation Company: Calabash Animation Director: Wayne Brejcha Producer/CGI Direct: Sean Henry Music & Sound Design Company: Fluid
Composer: Judson Crane
Sound Designer: Fred Szymanski
Producer: Ian Jeffreys
Executive Producer: David Shapiro

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