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JefeCheck 1.4 released!
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JefeCheck 1.4 released!
Daniel Gollas, added 2009-09-09 18:41:02 UTC 8,636 views  Rating:
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Startup software developer JefeCorp introduced JefeCheck v1.4, a powerful high resolution image player and review system, designed to run on any of the three major platforms on commodity hardware.

After being used in several productions, JefeCheck has proven to be an incredible tool for sequence playback on artist workstations, client computers and screening rooms. JefeCheck works with almost any image format in low or high resolution, playing up to 4K image sequences at 24 frames per second on consumer hardware. Available for Windows XP, Mac OSX and Linux, JefeCheck is positioned as a link between artists, clients, producers and directors with an easy to use interface and a powerful OpenGL engine to give the best performance on any platform. With Real Time color correction, 3D LUTs, and blue/green screen compositing and layering, among many other real time effects, JefeCheck is also a great preview tool for artist workstations.

A demo video can be viewed at

For the 3D artist, JefeCheck provides the possibility of doing pre-comps, composing stereo pairs into anaglyphic stereo images and checking any high resolution image file in a straightforward application and without waiting for renders. 

For the 2D artist, JefeCheck allows playback of almost any format, from low resolution jpegs to 4k 16bit multichannel OpenEXR files. It can do before and after comparisons and apply 'log to lin' and 3D LUTs on the fly with the pixel shading 'FX' feature. New FXs can be added easily as plug-ins. Any processing can be rendered to a sequence and can be shared in real time with any number of computers, with internally logged chat and soon, with voice conference.

For the VFX Supervisor JefeCheck is an indispensable review tool. It allows you to alter the look of a shot or compare it to another one using Real Time FX features, while the Director sees the results immediately without the need for lengthy renders. The real work can be done later, but quick feedback can be delivered instantly during reviews. Better yet, all this can be done remotely with the VFX Supervisor, the director and the CG Artists in different parts of the world. 

Pricing and Availability
A single node-locked license for JefeCheck is available for US$220.00, which includes upgrades up to the next major version (version 1.5). A free demo version which adds a watermark to all displayed images is also available for download  Bulk purchase discounts are available. 
To purchase a license, visit the online license store (


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