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Added Character Rig download sections
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Added Character Rig download sections
admin, added 2009-08-31 14:53:04 UTC 21,957 views  Rating:
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We have added new Character rig download sections to our 3dsmax, maya, and xsi sections. You can now download, share and host your character rigs. You can also upload new versions by updating your rig file. Owners have the ability to create a forum and respond to user comments and suggestions as well.

These rigs can be used to learn animation techniques, create quick previz ideas, learn how to use new features, and scripts from the site.

If you have any rigs to share go to the respective section and on the top right click on "upload your character rigs":

Maya Character Rig Section
XSI Character Rig Section
3ds max Character Rig Section

These sections were created by request. Any other suggestions always welcome!



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