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Whirlwind Tour in 3D Archaeology
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Whirlwind Tour in 3D Archaeology
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Hi All, 
There will be an interesting talk on 3D visualization, archaeology and the issues and benefits of its use in a research environment. It is being given by Dr. Athony Masinton. Here is some information about the topic:

"Everyone is familiar with 3D visualizations in Archeology. From Gladiator to Time Team, these CGI models are ubiquitous. However, in the discipline of Archeology itself, 3D visualisation has gone through a period of dwindling enthusiasm. It is seen as an expensive way to bring archaeological interpretation to the masses. But a few bright spots have emerged from the end of Archeology’s honeymoon with 3D. Here is my whirlwind tour of what's cool at present in the world of archeology and 3D. "

It is being held on SEPTEMBER 8th, 2011 @ 12:15 PM (EST)

Title: Whirlwind Tour in 3D Archaeology

The link for to take part in the event is as follows: 

Hope to see lots of people there. Cheers!  


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