Dear prospective Student Volunteer,

Good day to you. I hope this message finds you in the pink of health. On behalf of the conference organizers, I would like to extend my invitation to participate as a Student Volunteer in SIGGRAPH Asia, one of the most prestigious and renowned conferences in the world of Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. Pioneered in 2008, the upcoming fifth edition of this conference will be held in November 2012, hosted alongside the rich splendor of beautiful Singapore.

With a big audience arriving from all corners of the globe, SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 presents a remarkable platform for you to chance upon and interact with industry leaders, professionals, academics and like-minded enthusiasts. Over the years, Student Volunteers’ contributions constitute the very essence of excellently managed SIGGRAPH conferences. Attendees have expressed exceptional experiences, many leaving with an eager anticipation of the excitement that awaits them at future conferences, in the boundless yet ever-evolving realm of Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. Student Volunteers have been, and will be, instrumental in molding this perception.

The plethora of perks you receive as Student Volunteers include free admission to the entire SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 program, eligibility for complimentary housing in Singapore throughout the duration of the conference, meeting fellow students sharing your interests as well as numerous opportunities to network first hand with international attendees. Do check the eligibility criteria beside before you apply and note that the application deadline is 03 July 2012, 23:59 GMT/UTC. Feel free to contact me for any queries pertaining to your potential participation.

With arms wide open,

Muhammad Cassim Munshi
Student Volunteers Chair
SIGGRAPH Asia 2012