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Sequencemaster 2.0.2

Image Utilities and Production Tools

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Operating Systems

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Last Modified:10/01/2008
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Sequencemaster Streamline your digital studio


New - Free Sequencemaster update

New - Improved Interface - Main menu now works for both sides in dual window mode.

New - Online help page per topic Fast access to help

New - Listview masks List images by name or extension.

New - Properties panel  Image size X Y and File sizes


New Price - Sequencemaster is now only $ 75.00 USD


Overview : Sequencemaster is a sequential image browser with built in multi format player, image utilities and production tools.


PC or USB : Install Sequencemaster on your PC or your USB hard drive or memory stick to use it anywhere.


To Install Free Download - Download and double click on Setup.exe



Sequencemaster Features


Preview tools


Listview lists sequences as single line or double click to show all frames.

ProPlayer multi format player to preview, merge or extract sequences. Or preview with Fcheck.

Preview - Preview selection and  - Preview style thumbnails.


Image utilities and Features

Play - Rename - Batch convert - Reformat - Renumber - Padd - Offset - Reverse - Resize - ReTime - Filters - Open with - Composite - Merge sequences - Extract Sequences - Render - Render all missing - View DiskSpace - ListView masks - Auto Refresh - Sort by - View aspect ratio - RGBA - Vary FPS playback - List Missing.


Production tools


Dual window : Drag & drop copy.

Bookmark and color code network locations - Save and distribute bookmarks.

Render create render scripts - Render All Missing create render scripts for missing frames.

Graph&Stats : Estimate render times - List missing frames.

Graphview - Visual render monitoring - Play selection.


Screen Shots :



ListView playing selected sequence in the ProPlayer.


Preview - Selected sequence at bottom right and Preview all thumbnails in right  window.


Bookmark left and right dual window views - Save and distribute bookmarks - color code bookmarks.


Dual Window - Drag drop copy single or multiple sequence selections.


Render All Missing - Creates render scripts for missing frames in a sequence.


 GraphView and Graphstats - ProPlayer playing selection of Graph.

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