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COLLADA to BVH 1.0.0

XSL transformation from COLLADA animation to BVH

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Last Modified:05/09/2007
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XSL transformation to convert a COLLADA file to a BVH (Biovision Hierarchy) file.

COLLADA and BVH are both standard animation file formats. BVH is an older format used for motion capture data. COLLADA is a general 3D asset file format, a subset of which can be used for motion capture data.

This transformation is not intended to handle all animations and poses possible in a COLLADA file. The COLLADA format is much more flexible than the BVH format.

+ Limitations
  - Does not handle rotation order conversions. It expects an X-Y-Z
    rotation order for the input animations.
  - Requires a single animation clip, with a uniform time step between each
    sample. All channels should have the same number of samples, or we will
    zero pad them for the BVH output.
  - Does not include any rotations that are part of the COLLADA node tree.
    Since COLLADA can specify any number of composed rotations this would
    be outside the scope of this transformation.
+ Usage
  - Requires an XSLT processor. You could try "xsltproc" available
    xsltproc collada_to_bvh.xsl take.dae >take.bvh
  - Or, use your web browser. See an example of this at . This file is transformed
    to a BVH by your web browser if it supports XSLT.
    Simply add the directive to the preamble of your COLLADA document,
    <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="collada_to_bvh.xsl"?>

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