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Archived Rib Output 1.5.0

archived RIB output by Mtor scripting and perl

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Last Modified:06/14/2001
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Perl and Mel scripts for archived RIB output by Mtor scripting and perl greping. For usage in RibBox w/ RenderMan archived commands.
See README for tutorial about using ReadArchive, DelayedReadArchive, LOD, animation and single archived RIB file output by one GUI based script (or w/o GUI), random shifts of animation by "seed" from name of objects or by random each time,metodology of "Particle instansing" proxy object for RibBox's w/ Rat.
New feathers:
- Very good GUI (w/ save options even close Maya);
- Fractional output in RIB (Geometry, Ligth, Shaders, and etc.);
- Options for output all objects or by selection;
- Interrupt output animation by hit "ESC" buttom. For this option you must have KeyInterrupt Maya Plug-in (Now only for NT);
- Good format of scrips for Unix.

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