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Italian design Swept Hilt Rapier
Italian design Swept Hilt Rapier
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We start in top view. Create two Rectangles with a height of and a width of 2 cm and 2.7 respectively. Select one and apply an Edit Spline modifier. Now set vertex select (1) and click refine. On each segment put a new vertex and place it exactly in the middle of the segment. Repeat with the other one. Now copy the largest rectangle by holding shift and dragging it and click on the snap button (s, leftmost magnet). Make sure that vertex snap is selected (right click on the snap button). Select the copy and go to vertex level. Snap the corner vertices to the middle vertex in horizontal direction.


Now create a vertical line holding the shift key. Move it to (0,0) and set vertex select (1). Move the top vertex to y = 0 and the bottom vertex to y = -100 cm.

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Time to create the blade. Select the vertical line and go to Create => Geometry => Compound Objects and select the Loft. Click on Get Shape and select the first Rectangle. In Path Parameters select Distance. Now fill in 7 cm for the distance, click Get Shape and select the second Rectangle. Next fill in 9 cm and put in the diamond shape. You should have a bit of a blade shape now.

Go to the modify tab and under Skin Parameters set the Shape Steps to 0. Set the Path Steps to 15. Under deformations select Scale. The dotted lines indicate the shapes. Now put a new point a bit after the last shape and make it a Bezier Smooth. Select the last point and move it to 0. Make it a Bezier Corner and adjust the handles to make a nice shape for the blade.

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Now add an Edit Poly modifier and go to vertex level (1). Press ctrl + A to select all vertices and click the window button next to Weld under Edit Vertices. Set the Weld Threshold to 0.01 cm and you will end up with 385 vertices in the blade.

Set selection to edge level (2) and select the 15 horizontal edges between the first and second shape. Click Loop under Selection and you should have 120 edges selected. Click on Remove under Edit Edges. Now go to vertex level and select the vertices from the edges you just removed. Click on Remove under Edit Vertices. Repeat this procedure for the unnecessary edges between the last shape and the inserted point. Get out of the edit poly menu and apply a Smooth modifier. Set the Threshold to 13.3 and check both options.

Now the blade is finished.