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Oil derricks as groaning, drying dinosaurs are the chilling image at center stage with the new animated spot from Consol Energy. Oil dependence is an issue facing the US, and this commercial shows “The End” of diminished resources as imminent and potentially disastrous if we do not turn to more viable alternatives including Consol Energy’s coal and natural gas resources.


To view:

“The biggest challenge was creating a sense of character and emotion in non-living objects, in our case oil pumpjacks,” says Director Loni Peristere. “We also had to make sure the effects-heavy scenes had a strong footing in realism. To accomplish this we used live action elements to support the CG, like grass and weeds to layer into the shots giving a sense of real depth.”

“We needed to create a realistic environment that felt dry, dusty and barren for the pumpjacks to founder in,” agrees VFX Supervisor Les Ekker. “As characters, they had to feel alive, clumsy and their animation must not generate sympathy in the viewer.”

Zoic, under the direction of Peristere and Ekker, shot Miners live on a greenscreen stage with a live dolly/zoom move and tracked it into a CG environment.  Additional background miners were added as live action projected onto CG cards, tracked into the CG background environments. These were comped in the Flame. The environment was generated from three distinct types of technologies: The team went on a photo safari to El Mirage dry lake at sundown and shot environmental lighting photos for the CG terrain. They also simultaneously shot high-res photos that were later seamed together to create very large very high-res sky and background panoramics.  These served to provide all of the skies and horizon details and also the mid-ground terrain for the end shots. The dry, cracked mud surface was created in CG from stills of a lakebed and made more convincing through displacement, bump maps and six layers of fractal mattes for color correction. These mattes allowed for the subtle changes and shadings of the surface for all shots where it is seen.  Everything was then combined to create convincing large-scale controllable environments. Zoic added CG dust and rust layers and rust particles to the breaking and bending joints of the animated rigs, as well as to the environment. This provided an artistic grittiness to the movement and better integration into the scenes.


Client: Consol Energy

Title: "The End" 03/20/09 :30  


Advertising Agency: Brunner/Pittsburgh, PA

VP/ECD:  Jay Giesen

VP/Group Creative Director: Dave Kwasnick

Management Sup: Lynn Plakidas Klim

Assistant Account Executive: David Waeltz

AD: Derek Julin

Project Manager: Dave Coyle

Broadcast Production Manager: Karen Smith

Producer: Janet Mason


Production Company: Gargantuan Films/Malibu CA

Director: Loni Peristere 

Executive Producer: Ivan Stoilkovich

Executive Producer: Zak Thornborough

Information Officer: Armando Preciado


Visual Effects: Zoic Studios/Culver City, CA

Creative Director: Chris Jones

Executive Producer: Steve Schofield

Flame Artists: Chris DeCristo, Chris Stevens

VFX Supervisor: Leslie Ekker

Producer: Maya Sanchez

Coordinator: Adam Reeb


Editorial Company: Zoic Studios/Culver City. CA

Editor: Dmitri Gueer


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