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Uberware releases Smedge 3 version 2.4 update 2-distributed task management system
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Uberware releases Smedge 3 version 2.4 update 2-distributed task management system
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Uberware releases Smedge 3 version 2.4 update 2

Los Angeles, CA. January 6, 2009. Uberware, makers of the Smedge distributed task management
system for render farm and server farm control, have announced the release of the latest update to the
highly successful Smedge 3 product line. Update 2 to version 2.4 of the Smedge 3 system includes
dozens of new features, feature enhancements, and improvements in performance and reliability.

"We have been working closely with our customers and the artists and managers that use and administrate Smedge installations in order to give them the stable and easy to use product that Smedge has become the standard for in the entire render farm management marketplace," said Robin Scher, CEO of Uberware.  "With our leadership history in the field and with our close association with users ranging from the tiny home shops to huge enterprise class server farms, Smedge is known as the easiest render farm management tool to configure and use for any size customers."

"With this update, Smedge continues to provide the performance and features of the more complicated systems for a fraction of the price," said Dariush Derakhshani, director of sales and marketing at Uberware. "Customers are realizing the benefits of Smedge operation and the simplicity of its configuration and setup and switching away from the more complicated and expensive management solutions to the tool that has been known and respected in the industry for nearly a decade."

Details about the changes available in the new version can be seen on the Smedge 3 Changes page,
available from the web page. Smedge 3 version 2.4 update 2 is available for immediate
download for Linux, OS-X, and Windows. Existing customers with current support contracts can use this
new version immediately.

About Smedge and Uberware: For nearly a decade, Smedge has been a favorite tool for artists to use
to distribute their renders across multiple machines. Smedge is very reliable, easy to configure, and wide
open to customization and extension by customers without any need for any type of programming
experience. Smedge can be configured into any pipeline or production flow, and scales well to support
even the largest server farms. Out of the box, Smedge can handle rendering of most of the popular 2D and
3D rendering systems in production use at top studios around the world, including Autodesk 3ds Max,
Autodesk Maya, Lightwave, NUKE, SOFTIMAGE|XSI, Shake, Adobe AfterEffects, Pixars RenderMan, Eyeon Digital Fusion, and many other rendering products, both commercial and open source. Smedge works identically in Windows, Linux and OS-X environments and provides path translation services to aid in cross-platform utilization.

Founded in 2001, Uberware has built on a history of robust and easy to use scripts and applications to
create popular and successful tools for assisting in the production of visual effects, animation and motion
graphics for film, television, video games, and digital media creation. Smedge been in production for over
ten years at top production facilities and studios worldwide, including Electronic Arts, LucasArts, Industrial
Light and Magic, The WB, KABC, Volkswagen, Boeing, Tata Elxsi, Rebus Farm, Research In Motion,
America's Most Wanted, Stargate Digital, EyeQube Studios, Radium, Moving Pixels, 422, Smoke and
Mirrors, Riot, Ring of Fire, Brand New School, Imaginary Forces, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and Axis Animation. Smedge is also used by high end educational facilities worldwide, including UC Berkeley, Santa Monica College, Sheridan College, University of Dundee, Art Center, Griffith Observatory, Cleveland Institute of Art, Syracuse University, NYU, St. Clair College, University of Hertferdshire, and Cegep du Vieux Montreal.

For more information, please contact Dariush Derakhshani, director of sales, at,
phone 310-266-6999, 1459 Angelus Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA. Or visit our web site at


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