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The Skeleton Rig 2.7.0 for 3dsmax

Fully resizable and intuitive 3dsmax animation rig

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  • 2008, 9.x


Last Modified:06/15/2008
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The Skeleton Rig:

The aim was to create a rig that was as easy to animate as possible but still give as much control as possible.  In my opinion - for the amount of control you have, this is probably the easiest rig to animate with in 3ds max.

Rig features:
  • Full IK/FK blending on the arms and legs.
  • Simple yet extremely versatile spine and head setups.
  • Squash and stretch parameters on all parts of the body.
  • Curved limb parameters.
  • Twisting and volume preserving bones on all limbs.
  • Soft IK extensions on all limbs to reduce popping.
  • IK/FK snappping tools.
  • Auto-hiding IK/FK limb controls.
  • Finger controls with preset poses.
  • Character pipeline tools for adding extra objects, defining a prefix, assuming skin pose, select all and delete all rig objects.

Also available is a script to resize the skeleton rig to any size you wish.

Resizing script features:
  • Full resizing of all rig parts to fit any bipedal character.
  • Twist joint number options for smoother deformation twisting.
  • Loading and saving of rig dimensions.
  • Script for saving dimensions from older skeleton rig versions.
The resizing script is also available from

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