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Revolver 44 Magnum Game Ready (PBR) Smith & Wesson Model 29 3D Model

Most Famous Revolver.Game Ready, Next Gen and PBR Ready


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Last Modified:12/13/2013
Total Size of Files: 16 MB
Smith & Wesson Model 29 six-shot double-action revolver.
Game Ready and Next Gen Ready.
First and most famous 44 Magnum Revolver.
It has been featured in many cult movies like Dirty Harry and Taxi Driver and it is one of the most appreciated game revolvers. 
Clint Eastwood made it known as "the most powerful handgun in the world".

All images has been captured from a game renderer in realtime with production shaders.

The model is fully animable with every element modeled in full and comes with 6 cartridges.

It can be opened for reload and it was tested with both current gen and next gen physically based shaders 

diffuse/albedo 2048x2048 3 channels 
glossiness/roughtness 2048x2048 1 channel 
normal/bump 2048x2048 3 channels or 2 with third derivable in shader 
specular/reflection color 2048x2048 3 channel for full color reflection 

Uv :
uv are fully optimized with just some part mirrored while manteining all the asymmetric details.

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