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Generic F1 2009 - 2010 3D Model

Detailed model of generic F1 racecar 2009 - 2010 seasons.


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  • 3ds Max (.max) - v9
  • 3D Studio (.3ds) - v-
  • Filmbox (.fbx) - v200611
  • OBJ (.obj) - v-
  • Textures (.tex, .jpg, .bmp, .etc) - v-


Detail Levelhigh


Last Modified:02/04/2010
Total Size of Files: 40.8 MB
Design based on FIA rules about bodywork and dimensions.

Main body 4096x4096 and tire side 1024x1024 layered texture is included. It is easy to change overall graphic design, erase the green soft tire band or put a diferent tire manufacturer.

Two drivers are provided for straight line or corner driving.

Extra engine cover type shark fin.

Carbon fiber hubcaps included Banned in 2010 season by FIA rules.

Onboard cameras can be detached easily.

Wheels have local axis oriented properly in order to turn front wheels or to roll all of them.
PDF file with instructions is included.

- Images rendered with MentalRay light setup. Settings included in max format.
- Racetrack corner scene not included.
- 3DS, FBX and OBJ files need some work on materials ad reflections and meshes vertex weld and mesh smooth. Instructions included in PDF help file.

IMPORTANT: Textures separately stored under the 'Textures' file. Unzip it and move to the mesh file folder.

Free File Conversions: Need this 3d model in another format? please Contact Support to verify we can provide the format you need.